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ProfitWay International Services

We at ProfitWay International are focused and dedicated in providing entrepreneurial trainings and programs to help everyone attain financial freedom and stability. We are here to help you leverage your capital to start your own business and help shape a brighter future.

Our mission is to make a brighter future, but we’ll need your help to realize such goal.

As such, we offer the following services:

Entrepreneurial Training

We offer training programs to help you raise the capital you need to start your own business, craft business plans, and hopefully grow your business. Our programs are facilitated by professional entrepreneurs who are willing to share you their knowledge, expertise, and experience to you. This will help you learn firsthand from those who have been in your shoes at one point in time and managed to make their own business flourish.

Our training programs are designed to offer you an alternate route to financial stability and economic advantage by helping your raise the capital needed to establish your own business. Once you have managed to raise the funds you need, you can then start your own business.

As your business matures, its needs mature as well. Due to this, we will continue to offer assistance in the form of advanced training programs specifically designed to provide you advanced training on certain topics and related issues that growing businesses often face.

Skill Acquisition

With the right set of skills, starting your own business and managing it successfully becomes a lot easier. However, it seems almost impossible if you don’t have any prior experience or knowledge in the field.

Through our skill acquisition program, we will help you develop the skills needed to start your own venture. The purpose of our program is to impart effective skills training to those who participate in our courses. However, it’s not just about helping you start your own business. The training also imparts knowledge regarding various sectors including the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Food and Restaurant
  • Event Management
  • Banking and Finance
  • Agriculture
  • Construction

As specialists in skill acquisition training and consultation, we will provide you with comprehensive trainings and courses. Once you have developed and cultivated the skills you need, attaining financial freedom will be within reach!

Scholarship Program

Are you a student who needs funding in order to support your studies? Do you want to proceed or complete your tertiary studies? We at ProfitWay International can help you. We aim to provide assistance to financially struggling students with scholarship programs to help them finish their studies and obtain a degree.

We offer financial awards to students who achieve remarkable academic results. These awards come in the form of scholarship opportunities. Our scholarship program will help struggling students further continue their education without the need to compensate for the assistance offered.

ProfitWay International is in partnership with various companies and organizations. We firmly believe that our partnership with them will provide maximum exposure to our scholars. We also collaborate with a number of universities, government agencies, and private donors from all around the world.

The program is open to all potential students. We will select a number of awardees from our pool of applicants. Scholarships will be awarded depending on your personal capabilities and potentials.

Computer Training

Here at ProfitWay International, we provide computer training to individuals, organizations, and businesses. It is our goal to help our trainees be more knowledgeable in the field of IT. Our comprehensive course includes basic & advanced programming skills, web design, web development, and software/networking concepts.

Our computer training program uses the latest technologies to help you gain knowledge more efficiently. It also allows you to be updated with the latest trends in the field. With the help of the latest technologies, and the assistance of IT professionals, you can find a career path with multiple career options to help you get a better job opportunity.

If you’re currently looking for an IT-related job but don’t have enough skills and experience, our computer training program will help you. Enroll in our course now to start reaping the benefits!


Health is a vital aspect that should be monitored closely to ensure productivity levels. However, with the lack of proper health management programs, disease outbreaks and poor health issues have emerged.

To combat such issues and deal with them properly, we at ProfitWay International offer healthcare management trainings and programs. We work hand in hand with healthcare facilities and organizations to provide comprehensive and extensive training related to the healthcare industry.

Our healthcare management training is a great help especially if you’re currently in the medical and healthcare industry. Our training will help you further hone your abilities to help you become more knowledgeable and efficient in your field. However, this is also valuable if you aim to seek employment. We have healthcare professionals to conduct healthcare training programs. We also use the latest technology to ensure that the trainings provided are in line with the recent healthcare trends.

Community Projects

ProfitWay International is a community-driven organization. Not only do we offer entrepreneurial trainings and programs to individuals, but we also conduct community projects on a regular basis. We do so by working collaboratively with local organizations in order to know their concerns to make sure they can benefit from our projects.

We work with various communities closely to understand their needs and concerns and come up with plans and solutions to address them. By actively and openly engaging with communities, we can identify how and where we can bring substantial benefits. There are a number of ways we can do this, some of which are the following:

  • Establish new job opportunities
  • Encourage local businesses to become a part of our supply chain
  • Offer valuable skills training for individuals

Our community projects are designed to provide a positive impact in human development. We contribute to the local economic growth in areas we operate.

ProfitWay International Service Limited isn’t just focused on providing services and programs that will help you attain stability and financial freedom through various courses. We also seek to build a better world for everyone. But to make it happen, we will need your participation.

Are you aiming to build a better world and a brighter future? Join us now!

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