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Profitway is a Vision committed to Enriching lives everywhere through the power of leveraging. Our well structure 3 in 1 business model is second to none in the market place, when you join Profitway and active your account with just a token of #500, you have the opportunity to be integrated into our 3 in 1 business that is built on the Binary 2x2 and 2x4 model, this allows you to create Triple streams of income at the same time. Everyone begins by joining the #500 Package. 

With our well-structured business innovations, that is built on the Binary 2x2 and 2x3, we have been able to tackle and eliminate one of the major challenges in the network marketing industry, which is, complexity as the numbers begins to grow, uplines are stock and can't move to earn payouts due to the in-activeness of their downlines. But with our professionally structure business system that works on autofill you can't get stock, you don't need a referral or your direct downline to earn money in  Package 2 &3. Everyone that completes the 2x2 matrix in Package 1 and activates their account in the system automatically create downline for you through our auto fill system to earn payouts from level 1-6 in our Business System.

When you register and activate your account, you are required to do just two things and you are on your way to creating enormous wealth with just #500.

1. Everyone is required to refer at least 2 persons.

2. Everyone that joins our business model is automatically the leader of six. Once you have referred your 2 persons. You have to motivate the 2 persons you referred to register and activate their account with #500 to complete the feeders stage.                                                                   


When you join Profitway by filling the registration form, on our website a temporary Personal Portfolio is create for you by our System which give you limited access to your personal portfolio dashboard, you cannot refer or register anyone under you or have full access to your personal dashboard until you activate your Package 1 plan with #500 (Five Hundred Naira). And you have 5 (five) business working days to both activate your account and refer your 2 persons. After the 5 working day has elapse Profitway have the right to delete your registration form from our Package 1 plan.                                                                


Make Bank deposit to Profitway account
Click my account
Click upload proof
1.UPLOAD TELLER; Upload the teller you use to make deposits
TEXT; Copy and paste the SMS alert you received after making deposit
Click upload

After completing the process, please send SMS or Whatsapp message to our contact number.
0903 525 9207 

Once your payment proof is confirmed your account will be activated from the Admin Area.



 Once you complete the feeder’s matrix two things will happen.                                                                   

1. Our system will move you to level 1, which qualifies you to receive back the level completion payout of #500 to the bank account you submitted during registration. For every level completion you get payout to your bank account from level 1-6 for each Package.

2. After completing the Partnership Stage, our system will automatically Register you in Package 2&3 that is designed to work as first come first serve                                                    

Our system is designed to help you create multiple streams income simultaneously, from all packages. Once you complete the Partnership Stage in package 1, our system will automatically work for you in Package 2&3 to earn incomes.


In other to receive level payouts for package 2&3 you have to activate your package plan and you have two options.

1. You can wait to grow and generate enough incomes from your level payouts in Package 1 to activate your account in Package 2 with #5,000 (Five Thousand Naira) or,

2. You can activate your account with #5,000 (Five Thousand Naira) by making bank deposit or transfer to Profitway Bank accounts.

The benefits you enjoy by activating your Package 2&3 is that your upline in package 1 can become your downline in Package 2 because the system was design to work as first come first serve. When you qualify and automatically registered in package 2&3, until you activate your Package plan you cannot start earning and get level completion payouts.                                                             

NOTICE; our business structure is built on 2 referrals for everyone that joins our business. We do not encourage any user to create more than 7 accounts, except you have completely filled the 7 accounts you already have. Anyone who violates our business policy, Profitway International reserves the right to block the user from our business plan







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